Heritage, innovation and quality

Oak preferences

Innovation and tradition

Product Crafting Concept

The secret to crafting elegant and complex wine or brandy lies in a harmonic combination of wood and wine. The main idea was to craft a product that could replicate the ageing qualities of a barrel. With that in mind, JMJ created a product that was innovative, yet respectful of the traditions and norms established by winegrowers through the centuries.

The JMJ brand encompasses a large range of products aimed at enhancing winegrowers’ oenological capabilities, by offering subtle and elegant tools for all types of winemaking. Quality is always the top priority in the making of each product.


  • Quality
  • Elegance
  • Finesse
  • Complexity
  • Our products are crafted using only the noblest part of the highest-quality oak, stripped of all traces of sapwood and shaft.
  • Our products are available in different shapes and sizes. The smaller the product, the swifter the extraction.
  • We meticulously control the natural ageing process of our wood, which grows in the open air, in order to obtain the very best raw materials.
  • The thickness of our product has been studied and optimised, given that wine will, on average, penetrate a stave at a depth of up to 6 millimetres. Therefore, to obtain a barrel-like fragrance, our pieces are planned to 12 millimetres for optimal penetration on both sides, while preserving the effects of the ageing process.


Our ambition is to help produce the best wine at the best price for you to achieve superb results in each wine glass.