We believe that winemaking and the production of a noble alcoholic beverage is an art. JMJ is an oak alternatives producer that focuses on a personalised approach, quality and putting your ideas into practice!

Our ambition is to help produce the best product for you to yield the best results in each wine glass.

We deliver innovative products with respect to winemaking traditions. This combination brings a producer to the next level and allows the achievement of positive changes and visible results without breaking important traditions and well-established standards of winemaking.

Our motto is “Innovation and tradition”

The JMJ company operates on a case-by-case basis for the best results. Therefore, “expertise” and “advice” are our two keywords when looking after our customers. In order to meet your expectations, make discoveries, master our service through trial and experiment, and answer all your questions, we’ve got an oenologist on our team.

An oenologist is an expert who is always ready to answer technical questions on oak alternatives.
Our oenologist will happily analyse your case, arrange appropriate trials and offer a personal solution.

Quality, elegance, finesse, complexity