The core innovation came from a patent filed by Jacques Schneiderwind. It was at that moment when he had gone through numerous organoleptic tests when he knew his craftsmanship was truly unique, that the JLJ company was created to market the products of his work. JLJ was just the beginning of the transition. After the initial brand had mastered its approach and worked out a unique technology and mission, it was turned into the JMJ company.


Patent approval in 11 countries, which represent 60% of the world market for viticulture. An important stage that gave impetus to expand and develop new markets.


Oenological research on wood, performed by the laboratory association called Vino Latino.


Participation in the most renowned wine fairs (e.g. Vinitech) all over the world: France, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, etc.


Within our company JMJ, the history of crafting alternative products takes us back to 2016, when we acquired the patent for our unique method of toasting alternative products. These products, our products, were then sold in most of the top winegrowing countries and ended up making their biggest splashes in Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia.

Once the patent was acquired in 2016, the brand was renamed JMJ and today is owned by the Oak&Wine company.


Nowadays our team focuses on creating a strong JMJ brand with its main mission: giving a hand to winemakers and distillers. All our efforts aim at support and expertise in the production of the noblest beverages.
We keep discovering new markets, expanding the product range and staying focused on infinite development.
We stand for a simple idea: winemaking is an art! And oenological products that help the winemaker achieve superior results are his brushes. That is why JMJ pays great attention even to the tiniest details. Only this approach allows a client to produce a masterpiece.
For now, the JMJ company develops its sales in the biggest winemaking countries globally, including France, Italy, Spain, Georgia, China, and others.


JMJ message

A noble beverage requires attention, an innovative approach and the highest quality of every component. JMJ is a reliable partner that understands: your success is our major goal. By ordering JMJ oak alternatives you achieve the perfection of taste in every glass.